Communication is the key to running a successful business in any industry. When clients or customers need to reach you, it is essential to be able to provide quick responses to address any concerns. Having an official business phone line is excellent – but additional measures must be taken to manage calls efficiently. This includes adding a call forwarding functionality for directing calls to the correct areas of your organization. 

Call forwarding to a landline or a mobile phone can help you attend to important business calls from anywhere. Setting up an effective business phone system doesn’t have to be complex with the correct implementations.

Let’s dive into the specifics of call forwarding as a method of incoming call management and how it can improve your business communications drastically.

What is Call Forwarding?

what is call forwarding

Call forwarding is an automated feature used for phone management. It serves the purpose of redirecting incoming calls to another number. The same service can also forward calls to a separate phone line. Call forwarding can be used for various purposes and is especially common for business clients who handle a large volume of incoming calls.

How Call Forwarding Works 

how call forwarding works

Call forwarding is an automated phone management service. Specific preferences are set up for when and where calls should be forwarded when received at a certain number. All incoming calls on that line will be redirected to another number of your choice based on the parameters you’ve set. These preferences only need to be indicated one time, and the system will programmatically complete the task of transferring your calls as they come in.

Benefits Of Call Forwarding 

benefits of call forwarding
  • Calls are always answered – With a call forwarding service, your business will never miss another important phone call due to outside factors. Avoid missed calls and sending customers to a voice mailbox when they need to reach you.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – When your business prioritizes customer support with a call forwarding feature, it reflects positively on the overall customer experience you provide.
  • Remote working solutions – Business owners can attend to client calls anytime from a home phone or cell phone. This allows you to communicate with your customers long-distance.
  • Extended business hours – When essential calls come in beyond regular working hours, you can answer professionally from the same business phone or toll-free number your client calls.
  • Keep costs low – Call forwarding is a cost-effective solution that will help you avoid paying for multiple phone lines to give staff members access to the same customer calls.

Why You Need Call Forwarding On Your Business Phone

Why You Need Call Forwarding On Your Business Phone

There are numerous benefits for businesses that come with setting up phone service for forwarding calls. Implementing a call forwarding feature on your business phone is necessary to achieve the following results:

  • Convenience – Instead of sending callers to voicemail when you are not available to answer the phone, you can use call forwarding to route calls to another phone number you can access. Whether you are out of the office or business hours have ended, you can provide customer service in real-time.
  • Professionalism – Businesses with up-to-date contact information and availability to answer questions are typically viewed as more professional than competitors. Having call forwarding options at your disposal can help you earn and retain the business of more clients.

How To Use Call Forwarding 

The exact setup process for a call forwarding system will depend on your chosen provider. However, most call forwarding services are relatively consistent in the key features they offer.

You will typically have the option to forward all incoming calls to a specific number or just the calls you cannot answer. If you happen to be talking on another line when a call comes in, you can forward the call to another staff member.

Call Forwarding vs. Answering Service 

An answering service is a popular alternative to call forwarding. Instead of automatically re-routing calls, a company is hired to answer your business calls between specified hours. Answering service providers are typically able to handle customer inquiries on incoming calls or direct them to another line. Both arrangements can be ideal for smaller companies to avoid employing a call center for daily communications. 

How Call Forwarding Can Fulfill Your Business Needs 

How Call Forwarding Can Fulfill Your Business Needs 

As a business owner, you may not always be available to answer incoming phone calls, but this aspect of communication is essential in running your business. With the help of call forwarding, you can answer from anywhere or redirect the call to another department that can proactively take care of the inquiry.

This small improvement in your business phone system can make a huge difference in your bottom line when customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently. 

Is Call Forwarding Right For Your Small Business?

Phone management systems can seem complex and overwhelming, especially for small business owners. If you are a startup or don’t have the staff on hand to manage your incoming calls, it may be time to look into a call forwarding service. 

One of the perks of call forwarding is that most services offer reasonable pricing, which may interest small and mid-sized businesses. Upgrading your business phone system does not have to be complicated or expensive.


Finding a Call Forwarding Service

So, you’ve decided to implement call forwarding into your business phone line. Now it’s time to find a quality call forwarding service. Some of the main points to consider when choosing a provider include functionality and pricing.

In general, you want to find a service that includes the features that will best suit your business needs based on scale and budget. The right call forwarding service provider will be able to offer everything you need to help you communicate more effectively throughout your organization. 

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