Employees work remotely and get their jobs done across multiple devices in the ever-changing workplace landscape. With business needs dictating advancements for how work is being done comes technical help. This is why companies of all sizes rely on the expertise of IT support service technicians.

These skilled professionals can assist in identifying, diagnosing, and fixing information technology (IT) problems to drive business growth and help your employees get back to work faster.

Continue reading to learn more about what IT support services entail and why your organization should consider investing in this type of technical support.

What Is IT Support Services?

IT support services are a collection of services that provide technical support and help to manage the technology your company relies on. Also referred to as managed IT service providers, IT support provides businesses with the technical support they need, such as monitoring and maintaining network systems and computer updates, without hiring an in-house IT department.

What IT Services Are Available?

what it services are available

The technical support services offered by an IT support team are broken down into five major categories: consulting, security, monitoring, management, and support.


Unsure of which innovations, new technologies, or IT strategy your company should be investing in? Your managed IT service provider can work with you to put together a plan to optimize network performance while sticking to your IT systems’ budget.


Cyberattacks are at an all-time high. Since your company’s data is one of its most valuable assets, information technology experts recommend taking a proactive approach. A proactive approach means investing in a VPN, wireless network security, and other advanced security protocols your IT support service team can manage.

Available security services include data recovery, firewall setup, disaster recovery, and cloud backup.


IT support service professionals offer ongoing support to ensure your network devices, laptops, servers, workstations, and other critical IT products or services are working well and prevent any unexpected downtime or equipment failure. Your employees will have reliable access to the advanced tools and solutions they need to do their jobs through proactive maintenance and consistent monitoring.

Network Management

A trained IT professional will install your data network and monitor and maintain your company’s secure network infrastructure. These include the four types of networks, LAN (local area network), PAN (personal area network), MAN (metropolitan area network), and WAN (wide area network). Depending on your company’s unique needs, a HIPAA-compliant network can also be installed.

IT Helpdesk Support

Remote support is available around the clock for any technical problem one of your staff members may encounter, from trouble logging into a program to hardware issues with their work-issued laptop. Support team members can assist with troubleshooting and provide hardware support, software support, and tech support.

How Does IT Support Service Work?

how does it support service work

To determine which services your company needs, a support team member will analyze its current IT setup. Once they identify the technologies the critical business functions of your organization depend on, the service provider can curate a support solution that is customized to fit your organization’s unique needs, making sure to keep your agreed-upon pricing in mind.

Who Is Your IT Service Provider?

who is your it service provider

Electing to have your support services managed by a technology management company gives you access to a wide range of specialists. Some of the most common include:

  • Customer support specialist assists with non-technical computer issues and responds to helpdesk tickets via email, phone, or an app.
  • Cybersecurity support specialists use their information technology expertise to ensure your network, applications, and data remain secure.
  • Support technicians provide training to users on how specific programs or technology works.
  • Is IT Support Service Expensive?
  • IT support services are usually offered on a tiered subscription model with a single monthly fee. This allows your organization to select the pricing level that meets your budget and includes the professional IT support services you need. This is a cost-effective solution compared to the price of a traditional in-house IT team.

Why IT Support is Important

why is it support so important

The adage, “time is money,” could not be more accurate regarding information technology. According to Gartner, the cost of an average IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. The cost can be significantly higher depending on how technology-intensive your business operations are. When an IT professional properly monitors your systems, they can identify the potential cause of equipment failure and replace the part(s) before any damage has been done.

A cyberattack can also lead to downtime and be a significant financial burden. According to the most recent data breach report put out by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million. Some experts estimate that a data breach can produce a downtime of 276 days between the time of identification to containment. An IT support professional can expose vulnerabilities within your organization and implement the programs and services your company needs to stay protected.

The Best IT Support Service for Your Business

STEADfast IT is the highest-rated information technology support service and technology provider in Saratoga Springs, New York, and among the top-rated IT support service providers in the Northeast. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and excellent customer experience is displayed with a growing list of five-star reviews.

We understand that your information technology needs can’t wait. Our technology management service guarantees that your team will spend less time waiting on hold for help desk assistance and more time getting the support they need to spend their time being productive.

Tired of the antiquated help desk ticketing system, the team at STEADfast IT designed our own. When a service call comes in, one of our experts will immediately evaluate the issue and escalate it to a suitable engineer, providing you with a real-time resolution.

If you’d like assistance with implementing IT support services for your business, our team can help you choose the right services to fit your unique needs. Contact us to set up a free, no-pressure consultation with one of our remote IT specialists.

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