STEADfast IT, headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY, is a full-service technology management and support company specializing in supporting enterprises with distributed offices and remote workforces.

When you manage a company with multiple offices, remote employees, or a nation-wide footprint, you need a partner who specializes in this form of operation.


With STEADfast IT, you can be sure that, no matter how many offices you have or where your employees are day to day, your organization will continue to function efficiently and safely.


Our team has years of hands-on experience and offers a complete solution for the distributed enterprise. Plus, your team has just one number to call for fast and effective service for all technology issues.

When you partner with STEADfast IT, you can rest assured that our experts will be there for whatever the issue, wherever you are, whenever you need us.


We offer IT Support, VOIP, Cloud Services, and Bandwidth and Connectivity to companies nationwide!


We invest in staying ahead of the curve.

The generally accepted IT process did not meet our responsiveness goals so we re-engineered it from the ground up. The frustration with Level One -> Level Two -> Level Three technical support method is known by all. There is no process like this at STEADfast IT. Instead:

  • Learning from first responders, we triage issues as they arise. Our specially trained engineers diagnose the problem behind the issue and route it directly to the expertise needed to fix it.
  • Internally developed software is constantly analyzing device data for performance problems. 42% of tickets are found and dealt with before the employee is even aware of the issue.
  • A proprietary in-house “virtual engineer”, running 24/7/365, fixes 82% of select issues in seconds before escalating the remainder to a live expert.

We make sure the technology you rely on works – first time, every time.

Most IT providers can efficiently solve issues as they arise. At STEADfast IT, that isn’t enough. The best solution is not solving a problem quickly, it is preventing the problem in the first place. To do this effectively, we have two teams of engineers: Proactive and Reactive.

  • Our Proactive Engineering Team analyzes inbound tickets to develop and deploy solutions to prevent those issues from recurring in the future. This team works with customers to make smart investments that directly impact productivity and reliability. On average, our clients report 30% fewer tickets within the first 90 days of working with us.
  • Our Reactive Engineering Team is specifically trained for rapid support. While we try to avoid them, technology and users will always present issues that need to be dealt with quickly. The Reactive Team uses STEADfast’s proprietary workflow and systems to provide unparalleled response times – clocked 30x+ faster than the industry average.

We handle it all.

In the world of technology, even the simplest tasks require multiple systems to work together. We know how frustrating it is to deal with multiple companies, support numbers, and bills to solve a single issue – which is why we work with your other tech vendors to ensure the technology you rely on is working smoothly, no matter who “owns” the issue.

  • End-to-End Vendor Management is included with all service bundles. Instead of multiple calls, you just call us – and be assured the issue will be quickly and seamlessly resolved.
  • Managed Service Bundles are priced on a predictable, fixed-fee basis that will not change monthly.
  • Your team has just One Support Number to call for virtually all your technology support needs. All our managed services feature unlimited remote support – by phone, email, or web portal.

We manage technology nationally and currently support client operations in 22 states.