Cloud Services

Do you know where your business data is stored?

With STEADfast IT’s private cloud platform, you will.


Cloud Solutions

STEADfast’s on-premises Cloud Solution does something the other big data cloud service providers and web applications can’t: show you exactly where your file storage lives. Our Saratoga Springs-based data center offers all the features, safety, scalability, and security of any major cloud computing provider, including data storage, data management, virtualization, cloud migration, upgrades, backups, and more.


Data Modernization

Cloud storage is the streamlined data storage solution of the future. With cloud storage, your important business files are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. When you choose our Saratoga Springs Data Center as your cloud provider, you don’t have to worry about big data apps or public cloud providers accessing your important, confidential business information. Data security is key, especially for financial services and healthcare businesses with highly confidential data. Plus, our high-performance computing data center features all of the critical computing resources necessary to ensure you receive reliability, redundancy, speed, low latency, real-time backup, security, and overall peace of mind.

So what makes our Cloud Services better than the rest?

Server co-location

Rather than building and maintaining your own data center or using big data cloud infrastructure to house servers, storage, virtual machines, operating systems, and networking equipment, consider placing them in our capable hands. At the STEADfast Data Center, you’ll get a reliable and secure environment for critical business systems, with maximum uptime and reduced operational exposure.

Virtual server hosting

With our virtual server hosting, we will reduce your physical infrastructure costs, develop VPN connections and virtual desktops, streamline servers and optimize IT infrastructure, improve operational flexibility and responsiveness, increase application availability, improve business continuity, and enhance manageability and security.

Disaster recovery

In case of that unexpected emergency, having your data stored in a cloud environment is one of the best ways to help ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. Storing your workspace’s information in the cloud helps you regain access to lost information, data analytics, and documents.

An affordable solution

Hosting your own servers gets costly and can be a huge liability for your company. Partnering with STEADfast ensures that your data is safe and accessible anytime. With STEADfast IT’s Cloud Solution, you have access to our entire team of business technology experts for a fraction of the cost of typical cloud resources available to businesses and startups.