Technology Management

Responsive + Proactive Managed IT Support you can trust.



Don’t just take our word for it, we are among the highest rated technology management providers in the Northeast with over 40 five-star reviews and counting! Our customers trust the work that we do.



Our average response time is just 8 minutes, compared to our competitor’s average of 5.5-hours!

Your business simply can’t afford to wait hours, and we understand that.



We turned an inefficient ticketing-system model on its head and developed our own process from scratch. When we receive a call, we immediately evaluate the issue and escalate it to the appropriate engineer for real-time resolution.
What makes our Managed IT Solution better than the rest?

Unlimited remote user support for end-user devices and software applications

Managed anti-virus protection

Managed off-site backups updated daily to our Saratoga Springs, NY data center

24×7 monitoring of device performance to include: proactive alerting of excessive CPU, memory, storage, and other performance parameters

Vendor management: Serve as primary interface to all technology vendors

Managed IT Support

Responsive + Proactive Managed IT Support you can trust.

Unlimited End-User Support

Receive responsive support when you need it the most. Get instant technical support from our live help desk by phone, email, or our client portal.

Network Management

The network is the critical gear that keeps the whole operation running. We’ll keep a real-time view of all the devices on it and how they’re connected — so we always know what’s happening.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring

We monitor, manage, and secure your network devices, servers, workstations, data backup, network security, cloud infrastructure, and any other critical IT-related products or services.

Virtual CIO & Strategic Planning

We’ll create a strategic technology roadmap for your business by guiding you through proper planning, budgeting, and detailed reporting to successfully execute your IT initiatives.


Keep your company’s important data safe while your team works from home.

With STEADfast IT, you can securely integrate and protect your data, devices, infrastructure and telephony for remote operations, and there are many technologies that can effectively foster employee interaction, effectiveness, and productivity.
STEADfast IT has years of experience working with multi-location businesses and organizations that rely on a distributed workforce – ensuring their remote employees are productive, secure, and engaged.
Organizations with multiple locations or remote employees face unique challenges:
What do I put in place to maintain security when employees are connecting remotely on unknown networks and devices?
What devices, connectivity and tools are needed for employees to be truly productive?
How do I maintain the informal employee interactions and collaboration that my business depends on to operate?
How will I know if my business is functioning properly before any potential financial impact?

Here is a look at how we address some of these issues with our clients

Vendor Management

Even a single office location can amass dozens of vendors. In a multi-office location setting, vendor management presents a huge problem. We’ll take all of that on for you and manage every tech vendor you work with.

Cyber Security Protection

With more employees accessing your network remotely, your infrastructure needs to be properly protected from cyber threats. We can quickly assess vulnerabilities and implement solutions to keep your team and your data secure.

Hardware Management

Managing end-user hardware can be a challenge with remote workers and multiple offices. Our proprietary system inventories exactly how many devices you have, their status, and backs them up every night.

Software Management

We use our own software to track your software to ensure all licensing and patches are up to date, and your devices are protected from external threats.

Employee On & Off Boarding

Managing employee identities and devices is critical to ensure the right people have access to the right tools. We make the entire process as easy as clicking a link.

Extended Support Hours

One of the benefits of being a remote employee is the ability to work when the time is right. We offer extended support and off-hours maintenance to accommodate your team's requirements
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