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When your technology runs smoothly, so does your business.

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STEADfast IT provides the technology your business needs to thrive.

STEADfast IT, headquartered in Saratoga Springs, NY, is a full-service technology management and support company specializing in supporting enterprises with distributed offices and remote workforces

STEADfast IT manages technology nationally and currently supports client operations in 22 states.

We walk alongside you as your trusted technology advisor, providing expert consultation so leaders like you can move your business forward with technology you can trust.

Our team of expert engineers is focused on delivering proactive results that not only fix your current problems but prevent future issues as well.

In today’s changing work environment, we specialize in supporting remote workforces and distributed offices. With us, you know that even when your employees are out of the office, your company’s data is safe and your team can be as productive as ever. 

All our managed services feature unlimited remote support. We are there whenever you need us, for any reason.


Why US

We’re among the highest rated IT providers in the Northeast – and the reviews speak for themselves. Click here to see why.


“The crew at STEADfast IT is the best in the business! We appreciate their prompt responses and enjoy having them in the office. It feels as if they are a part of our team; always willing to help no matter what the issue!”

Katie Roeder, American Natural Gas

“Over more than ten years of working together, STEADfast has never let us down.”

Ed Mitzen, CEO Fingerpaint Marketing

“In the world of hospitality, speed and dependability are two keys to success. If our POS system is down, we are out of business. STEADfast has always been there when we’ve needed them in a moment of crisis.”

Steve ‘Sully’ Sullivan, President Longfellows Hotel & Restaurant

All your technology needs — simplified.

When you manage a company with multiple offices, remote employees, or a nation-wide footprint, you need a partner who specializes in this form of operation.

You wouldn’t engage a dentist if you are experiencing chest pains, so why hire a typical IT firm for a multi-location enterprise?

With STEADfast IT, you can be sure that, no matter how many offices you have or where your employees are day to day, your organization will continue to function efficiently and safely. Our team has years of hands-on experience and offers a complete solution for the distributed enterprise. Plus, your team has just one number to call for fast and effective service for all technology issues.

When you partner with STEADfast IT, you can rest assured that our experts will be there for whatever the issue, wherever you are, whenever you need us.


Technology Management

Like having your own in-house IT support staff, minus the overhead. Plus, we’ll handle all your third-party communication.


Cloud Services

Always know where your data is.

Bandwidth & Connectivity

A faster, more reliable network – allowing your team to be more efficient, productive, and collaborative.


Telephony Solutions

Free unlimited support for your PCs and phones in one secure place … for all your office locations and remote employees.