Technology is ubiquitous in business these days. There is a software or app for virtually everything!

Everything from email to project management to inventory management to human resources functions and more requires its software license. Some software has an institution-wide license, whereas other software requires individual licenses. And there are always new updates and versions to install.

So, software management can be a full-time job itself! Luckily, that’s where a software management system comes in handy. A software management system keeps track of all your software licensing information and ensures that everything remains up-to-date and secure. 

What is software management?

what is software management for business

Software management is an essential business service provided by IT professionals like us. We use our own software to track your software to ensure all licensing and patches are up to date and your devices are protected from external threats.

Gone are the days of manually tracking licenses and relying on employees to make necessary updates. Now, it is possible for IT services to provide you with end-to-end, all-in-one, real-time monitoring of all the software licenses in your company.

Why is software management important?

what is software management for business

Software management is more relevant than ever, with more software and apps being implemented daily and the growing prevalence of remote workers, hybrid work, and global employees spread across multiple offices.

Employees must keep apps up to date to be safe from malware and data breaches. Businesses waste time, money, and productivity when software licenses are not kept up to date, causing business disruptions and putting their data at risk. It can be a hassle ensuring that all employees have all the necessary licenses to do their work efficiently. Often, businesses lose track of their license information and waste money paying for extra licenses they aren’t using.

Our software management services can save your employees hours of administrative work, tracking down licenses and keeping them up to date. Instead, our software management solution has the power to streamline, automate, and optimize the process of keeping things up-to-date and secure for you.

What does software management for small businesses look like?

what is software management for business

Our proprietary software management software automatically inventories your software licenses, tracks the status of your software licenses, and monitors for software updates. This cloud-based service ensures that all licensing and patches are up to date across the organization and that your devices are protected from external threats.

It also provides reporting and analytics on vital metrics and important business intelligence to help flag any potential problems in your workspace.

Our software management features automated notifications for team members and prompts them to update their software when updates and patches become available.

What types of software might require software management?

There are many types of software for various business operations. Each of these business operations can have a multitude of software programs associated with them, all of which need licenses and to be regularly updated. Here is a small list of business software tools to help show why business software management is a vital service:

  • Business management tools and business processes
  • Customer relationship management (CRM software)
  • Accounting software and financial reporting
  • Human Resource Management
  • Task management and project management tools
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Invoicing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Social media automation
  • Supply chain management
  • Order management, asset management, and inventory management
  • Workflow management
  • Team collaboration
  • ECommerce
  • Customer support
  • File storage
  • Contact management
  • Customer service management and customer experience
  • Design software
  • and more

Conclusion: What is software management for business?

With new apps and technology being released daily and remote work management and workers globally spread across multiple offices, it is more challenging than ever for people to track software licenses manually. Expired or out-of-date licenses at the end of their lifecycle can catastrophically disrupt companies’ productivity, efficiency, security, and traceability.

Software management for business automatically keeps an inventory and real-time status of your organization’s software licenses and helps keep your software up-to-date and secure across the board.

Don’t fall behind; stop wasting time and energy on outdated and inefficient software management. Instead, sign up for the best software management services for your business needs today. Contact us to learn more and discuss pricing for our software solutions for business owners.

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