It is normal to consider how much a return you should expect with any business investment. Managed IT services are no different. The dedicated professionals at STEADfast IT can help you find the right provider to offer the best return on your investment and improve your bottom line.

What is Managed IT Service All About?

What is Managed IT Service All About

Managed IT service providers make sure the right people and the right resources are allocated as they should be to improve efficiency and make your business more competitive. Your managed IT professionals can help your small business with several things, including:

  • Improvising customer satisfaction.
  • Investing in new resources.
  • Optimizing existing resources.
  • Refining your organization’s agility.

Financial Benefits of Managed IT Service

Financial Benefits of Managed IT Service

Research conducted by IT professionals at the International Data Corporation looked at the value managed IT services could provide to large and small businesses. They found that for every 100 users, organizations could save $376,323 each year. This cost savings calculation comes from increased user productivity, business productivity, IT staff productivity, and a reduction in infrastructure cost. The study found that companies who utilized managed service providers (MSP) saw significant, quantifiable benefits to their bottom line, including:

  • 88% reduction in unplanned downtime from server and network failures.
  • 24% reduction in IT infrastructure cost.
  • 42% increase in IT staff productivity.
  • 224% three-year return on investment.

These savings come from focusing talent on the core areas of the business while optimizing productivity.

Below is a deeper look at the financial benefits of managed IT service.

Improved User Productivity

Improved User Productivity
Cloud computing and social network interface on a laptop, tablet and smartphone screen

Technology can help improve the way you do business. But what happens when something goes wrong, such as server downtime, network connectivity issues, troubleshooting problems, disaster recovery hiccups, or any other IT issue, and your employees can’t get their jobs done?

IT professionals estimate that 82% of companies have experienced at least one unplanned downtime incident in the past three years. This costs businesses as much as $50 billion per year. It doesn’t matter if you run a large enterprise like Microsoft /Google or a small solo accounting business. Unplanned downtime costs your business precious time and money as you work through trouble shooting the problem.

Outsourcing your IT support services to a managed service provider can help you reduce these periods of unplanned downtime, thus increasing employee productivity.

Decrease Infrastructure Expenses

Rather than employing an in-house IT department, opting for a managed IT service provider with a cloud strategy for your IT needs can reduce your infrastructure costs.

Housing and maintaining a server within your office requires time, money, and expertise. A cloud-based approach utilizing data centers can provide you with all the benefits of a private service but at a fraction of the cost.

Like most small businesses, your employees rely on specialized software to get their jobs done. Following your managed service provider’s recommendation for cloud-based programs, allow your employees to access specialized software from anywhere without visiting an in-house IT expert.

By reducing your in-house infrastructure needs, you eliminate the cost of licensing, training, and consulting services related to your hardware and software needs. Rather than paying for these things as they come, cloud-based IT services offer all the services you need at a single monthly cost.

And sometimes bad things happen. Power surges, hardware failure, and cybersecurity attacks can make your computer inoperable. By keeping data backed up on the cloud and utilizing storage at data centers, business owners can feel secure that their important files are safe if something terrible happens.

Increase IT Staff Productivity

Increase IT Staff Productivity

The workers in an IT department are the backbone of any business in the 21st century. While their contributions are often overlooked, your IT systems staff members keep your business running by ensuring your other employees have access to the computers and software programs they need to do their work.

Unfortunately, IT departments are often overloaded with help desk tickets, so instead of focusing on their core responsibilities, IT professionals resolve user issues and fix malfunctioning equipment.

Outsourcing some of these tasks allows the employees in your IT department to remain focused on more critical priorities, which can help improve your bottom line.

Optimize Your Initial Investment

Purchasing all the hardware and software your business needs is a significant initial technology cost. Instead of spending such a large sum of money simultaneously, managed service providers are a single monthly fee. Opting for an operational expense rather than a capital expenditure ensures you do not have nearly as many resources to manage your technology and IT support.

In addition, your monthly service includes many of the required software updates your company needs, as up-to-date technology is a crucial part of cybersecurity.

Manage Your Monthly Costs

Manage Your Monthly Costs

Managed IT services providers are always the exact monthly cost, regardless of the number of services you used. This allows you to budget correctly and be more flexible when investing in other areas of your business.

Receive Expert Support.

When you require IT support, managed IT service providers give you access to several IT professionals with a wide range of technical skills. Your managed service provider will have someone on their IT team that can help you troubleshoot any errors or monitor a system to prevent downtime.

Scale Your Needs

Scalability is essential – as your business grows, your structural needs also increase. Managed It service providers offer companies the option of unlimited storage space and bandwidth, which allow small businesses to scale their cloud computing needs in line with their growth.

Managed IT Service You Can Count On

The professionals at STEADfast IT offer full-service IT solutions and support for your business needs. We provide a proactive approach to IT management with a low monthly fee through our proprietary IT support system, managed security services, off-site backups, around-the-clock device performance monitoring, and vendor management.

As your premier managed IT service provider, we understand how this service’s financial and operational benefits can translate to your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our managed IT service offerings, our team can help you choose the right services to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to set up a free, no-pressure consultation with one of our remote IT specialists.

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