If you’re a small business, you know that any slight improvement to your systems can pay significant dividends. For example, creating a nice outgoing voicemail message is something not to overlook. It may get you more potential customers happy to leave you a message. Another example is that improving your cell phone quality can have better calls with your potential customers or even existing clientele.

But perhaps even more important is the overall business phone system you use to conduct yourself at your place of business. Today’s modern cell phone economy means that landlines are outdated, but it doesn’t mean you have to use a phone service that feels completely alien. Indeed, having a VoIP phone system (voice over internet protocol) can feel new at first, but these phone lines can be intuitive to use—and greatly benefit your business.

The only question is: how?

How Does a Virtual Phone System Improve Your Business?

How Does a Virtual Phone System Improve Your Business

The most important question is why business calls will be better if they come through a virtual phone system. There are a lot of answers. Business owners may enjoy lots of things about using a phone system that functions over an internet connection, including:

  • It is easy to manage conference calls, making it simple to bring an entire team aboard and get everyone on the same page.
  • Having enhanced functionality for downtime, such as playing hold music while a customer waits to be transferred.
  • Simple call routing so an entire team—including remote workers—can answer questions when customers come calling.
  • A toll-free or business phone number unifies all your phone systems into one convenient location for customers to call.
  • Easy call transfer strategies can move customers to the appropriate person with minimal work.
  • Using a mobile app, disparate employees across the globe can access the advanced features as though they were carrying desk phones in their pockets.
  • An auto attendant can handle call forwarding, acting like a digital receptionist to any customer who calls and wants an immediate response.
  • Text messaging may even be available, giving you everything you need to respond to the modern way customers may reach out to your business.

Mixing Old School with New School

Mixing Old School with New School

When customers start dialing in and show up on your caller ID, your phone can feel like a landline, retaining everything you love about the old system. But from there, your new small business phone system can kick in, providing everything you need to make managing your phones easier and automatic.

By functioning like customer relationship management (CRM) software, your phones will also make you better with customers. A custom call recording or custom greetings can play, for example, giving your customers the quick response they need when they dial in. Heck, you can even handle faxing with the right software!

While handling everything from call queues and call forwarding to your mobile devices, you may notice that your phone system sounds complicated. You may be worried that it’s too difficult to set up. But setting up a private branch exchange service—don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds—can be much more intuitive than you might think.

Setting Up a Business Phone System

Setting Up a Business Phone System

A landline phone system in the past didn’t have complicated integrations—so it didn’t intimidate people. Fortunately, you’ll find that a modern phone system doesn’t, either! It’s just as easy to set up—and may even work in seamlessly with how you run things at your small business.

First, don’t concern yourself as much with the technical aspect of running a business phone service or connecting your mobile phone via integrations. You want to keep the process simple. We recommend reaching out to an IT provider like Steadfast so you can get a clear handle on everything a business phone service needs. From there, you can secure a new business number (if you want one), and the multi-line phone system can be up and running so quickly that you can receive customer calls on your new number that day.

How does it happen? While a traditional landline system might require heavy-duty installation, you’ll be using VoIP phone service, which means your phone service will now run through the Internet on the phone providers of your choice. For just a simple monthly fee, you can install an office phone system that integrates with your desktop, laptop, and mobile apps until you’re running everything, just like you might handle a document inside your business.

How Does a VoIP System Usually Work?

How Does a VoIP System Usually Work

Reach out to an IT provider capable of upgrading your business phone system. Yes, you could sign up for a service like Ringcentral or Grasshopper for your phone system—but if you want to ensure your company is on the same page, an IT provider with specialty services can offer you the customization that ensures your business runs well from day one.

Bundle your business phone services to save money. Once you call the IT provider, you’ll probably discover just how easy it can be to install the new system. You can be up and conferencing in no time! Whether you were Android or analog before, your new business phone line can quickly serve as a call center for all your team members. But if you bundle your services together into one monthly bill, you can potentially save. You’ll also notice that some services allow you to use scalable billing plans—so you only spend more when you need to use your business phone line.

Once you’re ready, you’ll see how your phone system can add customer support and mobile phone convenience levels you’ve never experienced before. You can even start receiving SMS text messages from customers! And the beauty is—it’s simple to set up and easy to use. You can often have a vanity number via your service provider and receive incoming calls on the same day.

It just requires one additional step. Check out our Telephony Solutions and reach out to upgrade your phone systems today.

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