To better serve our clients, we think it is critical to stay on top of the issues affecting their operations, their businesses, and their customers. So, we actively look for and consume the best, current thinking available to inform our recommendations and the action plans we implement for them.

We recently hosted a webinar for our clients and regional SMBs to help them become, and stay, fundamentally more resilient in the face of the current pandemic and resulting health care mandates.

Specifically, we identified 5 distinct levels, or stages, organizations must address in order to become location agnostic – so that where your employees are located doesn’t hurt your ability to conduct operations, improve efficiencies, and create value for your customers.

As a service to attendees, at the end of the presentation we included a slide with links to some of the analysts, resources, and articles we referenced when developing solution sets for our own clients. A number of other people expressed interest in them, so we are also presenting them here.

Please Note: We have no affiliation, commercial or otherwise, with any of the content providers below, and we derive no benefit from these links or from your traffic to their sites. All the links point to content that was developed by, and is fully owned by, its respective authors, publishers, and copyright holders.

We hope this partial list of resources gives you a sense of the breadth and depth of timely coverage and critical thinking available about these and other subjects and provides a jumping off point for your own research.

A Sampling of Current Thinking

Please let us know if you find these articles helpful and what subjects you are most interested in learning about. We would be happy to focus on areas that are important to your organization.


STEADfast IT has years of experience working with multi-location businesses and organizations that rely on a distributed workforce – ensuring their remote employees are productive, secure, and engaged.

If you have any questions about what you have read here, or if you would like to discuss options and solutions for your own organization, we would like to hear from you.