If your team is remote, they are most likely working from mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smart phones. One often overlooked but important technology tip is to maintain proper mobile technology hygiene for remote workers.

Why? Mobile technology is more likely to be lost or damaged when at home or on the move.

Here are a few simple mobile tech hygiene tips to share with your remote workers so you can save time and money on your team’s technology tools.

1. Don’t eat or drink when using your device.

Spilled liquids may cause electrical damage, which can corrupt data or even permanently destroy some parts of the laptop or mobile device. The solution: Keep drinks and food away from your devices. Even if you are careful, when you are at home with roommates, family members, children, or pets, it’s possible that someone else might spill your drink or lunch on your device.

2. Keep your device clean & dust-free.

Dust, pet hair, and dirt can make its way into and damage the internal workings of your laptop or tablet, so it’s important to always have clean hands when using your device and keep the device away from pets and dusty areas. Clean your devices on a regular basis with screen-cleaning cloth and keyboard-cleaning spray.

3. Protect the LCD display monitor.

The LCD display monitors on your laptop, tablet, or phone can be easily damaged if scratched if pressure is applied. Make sure to always hold and lift laptops by their base rather than the screen, use screen protectors for phones and tablets, and never shut your laptop with items between the screen and keyboard.

4. Keep your power cords safe.

Your power cord is quite literally your device’s lifeline, so it’s important to take good care of it. Never pull on the power cord, instead you should pull directly on the plug. Avoid kicking, stepping, or rolling over the cord with your chair. We recommend adhering your power cord to your desk with special computer cord ties so they are protected and out of harm’s way, lessening the exposure to damage.

5. Be sure to plug accessory devices into their proper slots

When inserting accessories or removable drives into your laptop or mobile device, make sure to double check that they are plugged into their proper slots, and insert and remove with care. Be gentle, as pushing or removing accessories forcefully can jam or damage a slot and render it useless.

6. Don’t expose your devices to rapid temperature changes

Laptops and mobile devices are extremely temperature sensitive. If your laptop has been in the cold, don’t turn it on immediately. Allow it to warm up to room temperature first in order to avoid disk drive damage from condensation forming inside the machine. In hot or cold environments, do not leave your device in a car. This can expose it to extreme temperature changes, especially heat from sunlight which can severely damage electronics. Hot processors can slow down devices, reduce battery life, or even render the device completely unusable.

7. Have the unit cleaned annually to remove internal dust

Take your devices to a computer professional to have it detailed on an annual basis. Dust or dirt accumulation overtime leads to overheating, which can significantly slow down or destroy a device.

8. Avoid placing heavy materials, such as books, on top of your device.

Mobile devices are more delicate than they may seem, and placing heavy objects on them can damage the LCD screen.

9. Always use a case, cover, or bag.

Always transport your devices in a case or carrier, but not just any cover. Make sure the case is properly sized to avoid scratching or squeezing, which can lead to both internal and external damage

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